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Ancal East Luxury Home for Sale in Scottsdale AZ - Scottsdale AZ Custom Home for Sale

Million Dollar Luxury Home For Sale in Scottsdale -  Scottsdale Luxury Home for Sale

Million Dollar Luxury Home For Sale in Scottsdale -  Scottsdale Luxury Home for Sale

This 6 Bedroom Home in Ancala East features, 9 Bathrooms, 8,217 square feet, Mouton side lot, that is nearly an acre in size (26,932) an acre is 43,560, 4 car garage, private pool, basement, theater room, every bedroom has a bathroom. Located in the Gated Communtiy, with gaurd gate, of Ancala East.

Originally purchased for $1,075,000 on November 11, 2006. Current market value for the Land only is $1,396,600 with the home in place, $1,745,700. There are no recent sales to determine a comparable pricing point, (which is a good thing-very stable community). If you're looking for a Scottsdale Home with a Wine Celler, look no further, Wine Cellar Included!

Based on $1,000,000 as our offer price (current list price is $1,157,000), you'd be paying $121.70 price per square foot (which is crazy low) by way of comparison, a custom home listed for $499,000 which equals $175.08 price per square foot (I point this out to show you the "Deal" that can be had with this home). In the area (where this home is located, not necessarily the same subdivision), the next homes, with at least 7,500 square feet is listed at $3.8 Million (11,548 square foot home), there are two pending homes, same area:

1) 7 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, with 7,871 square foot is under contract at $1,395,000.
2) 5 Bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, with 10,900 square feet, is under contract at $3,295,000

Sold Homes in the area range from $1,050,000 to $2,300,000. The Short Sale Home I viewed (that needed the elevators installed and about $800k in work to be completed) is under contract at $1,390,000.

So it my opinion, if we were to pursue this one, $1,000,000 is an amazing steal! If we take the average square footage of the 7 area sold homes, we come up with 8,307 square feet, taking the average selling price: $1,459,999, we still hit the $175,75 price per square foot, so again, getting this one at $121.70 per square foot, just screams fantastic bargain pricing for a home of this magnitude! You will never find a Scottsdale Luxury Home at this Price again!

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